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Caen Engineering, Inc is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Fibrenetix, Europe-based specialists in high-performance, cost-effective RAID systems. Fibrenetix builds robust storage solutions for media & entertainment and the surveillance industry. Our robust products scale in capacity from HD, 2K to 4K, and connect to any device with Fibre, iSCSI, Ethernet and Thunderbolt.

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Caen Engineering, manufacturers and resellers of high-quality data storage appliances, announced today that it is shipping four new models of the Comet SATA II RAID system. These new SATA II RAID arrays feature ASIC 266 architecture, which offers unprecedented read/write performance. The Comet SATA II is available in eight, twelve, and sixteen-bay models. The ultra low-profile Comet SATA II systems are capable of storing up to 64 Terabytes of data in the highest density for 3.5” drives available today.


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