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VMWare Hardware Solutions

VMWare Hardware Solutions

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BridgeSTOR, LLC is a privately held and privately funded Advanced Data Reduction company that is innovating Application Optimized Storage appliances and Bridges to cost-effective cloud storage. The company focuses on harnessing leading-edge storage technologies to deliver proven, practical, high-demand solutions to:

  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Divisions and departments of large corporations
  • Government entities
  • Workgroups

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Nexsan Corporation is a leading provider of next generation energy efficient disk-based storage systems designed for the long-term storage of digital information. Our hardware and software systems are ideal for storing and archiving information commonly referred to as "fixed content", since it typically changes little over time. This includes medical images, email, business documents, video images, research data, and digital media of all types. Our solutions enable organizations to store and access growing amounts of fixed content over longer periods of time, while meeting evolving business and compliance requirements in a "green" environment.

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Infortrend is an industry-leading manufacturer of multi-platform high performance RAID controllers and subsystems. Infortrend has excelled in developing cutting-edge storage solutions, which provide cost-effective, exceptional levels of performance and fault tolerance.

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RELDATA is the innovation leader in unified block and file storage solutions over iSCSI infrastructure that cost-effectively enable mid-size and distributed enterprises to consolidate, virtualize and protect data storage, providing scalable disaster recovery and high availability solutions.

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PROMISE Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of sophisticated RAID storage solutions catering to customers from the enterprise to SMB, as well as SOHO and digital home applications. PROMISE’s award-winning products help solve the business challenges for a new generation of data-intensive business imperatives through a combination of advanced engineering, technical development and industry-leading OEM relationships.

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