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EonNAS 3000 Series

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EonNAS 3012S/R & 3016S/R is available in Single or Dual Redundant Controllers (Single Upgradeable to Dual)

High availability active-active redundant controllers ensure non-stop performance through powerful unified storage. With its high speed architecture and working on the file and block levels, the EonNAS 3016RT features the ZFS file system and Global Namespace to provide enhanced data integrity and simplified management.

Data integrity with advanced ZFS

Advantages of ZFS
A relatively new development in file systems, ZFS has been in development for the last decade in order to offer a revolutionary new file system with a completely new approach to administrating data systems with key data protection features at its foundation, it contains features and benefits not found in any other popular file system and represents the future of data management.
Protection from Silent Data Corruption
End-to-end data integrity requires that each data block be verified against an independent checksum. ZFS uses its end-to-end checksums to detect and to correct silent data corruption. If a disk returns bad data transiently, ZFS will detect it and retry the read. If the disk is part of a mirror or RAID group, ZFS will both detect and correct the error: it will use the checksum to determine which copy is correct, provide good data to the application, and repair the damaged copy.


High availability*
To ensure constant uptime and service stability, the EonNAS 3016 series has been thoroughly designed to operate with high data availability, including redundant controllers and power supplies. This redundant-controller design keeps data alive at all times, ensuring that the second controller can seamlessly take over operations if the primary controller goes down. Powered by the revolutionary ZFS, the EonNAS series ensures total data integrity with hierarchical checksum and corrupt data self-healing, while Snapshot enable users to quickly restore data only in seconds.
*Applies to redundant controller models
Unlimited Snapshot
The snapshot feature available on the EonNAS can be used to protect shared folders, iSCSI volumes and system settings. EonNAS supports an unlimited number of snapshots at intervals as short as 10 minutes. In addition, users can automate processes including snapshot creation and pruning. Snapshots will be automatically removed when they reach thresholds in terms of total number of snapshots or retention period.
Smart media scan and recovery
Media scan is designed to constantly check the integrity of disks and perform automatic rebuilding and repairs when errors are detected. This feature allows you to quickly scan used data , instead of all stored media. Similarly, scanning can be setup to prioritize data by importance or access frequency. These options save you time when checking for data integrity, while working with nearly no impact on performance. Additionally, you may schedule media scan for bi-weekly or monthly intervals.
Pool Mirror
To mitigate a disaster's impact on business continuity, data loss and downtime have to be minimized. The built-in pool mirror function on EonNAS helps users perform real-time data replication between two different EonNAS. When the primary system goes down, the standby system, which features the same data, can seamlessly take over services at minimized downtime.
Encrypted Remote Replication
When processing remote monitoring/backup, EonNAS offers Encrypted Remote Replication by Rsync (with 128-bit SSH) to make sure the end-to end data security.
RAID Protection & Disk Roaming
EonNAS features RAID protection, which ensures data stays intact even during simultaneous failures of up to two disk drives. When a drive failure occurs, a pre-assigned Hot Spare will be automatically leveraged to rebuild the original RAID configuration. In addition, Disk-Roaming Design enables disk drives be moved within an array, meaning when there is a need of system replacement, the hard drives within an array could be intact transferred to another EonNAS system and be automatically recognized without hard drives re-building concern.

Scalability and 6Gb/s SAS expansion interface

EonNAS 3000 series is designed for easy and extensive expandability and scalability.
Even with highest-capacity, EonNAS 3000 series products, the enclosure adds terabytes of capacity to storage arrays with just a single high speed 6Gb/s SAS connection.
The SAS interface delivers the industry’s highest transfer rates, and ensures enterprise-level performance with ample bandwidth between the main EonNAS unit and the JBOD enclosure, eliminating latency and bottlenecks. You can connect multiple enclosures to your EonNAS storage, scaling capacity as needed.


EonNAS satisfies diverse network storage needs at minimized management effort. System management for the EonNAS is simple. A user-friendly, web-based GUI allows you to easily access all frequently-used features via shortcuts and quickly complete required configurations with step-by-step wizards. EonNAS also supports a dashboard feature to help you monitor real-time system status.
Modular cable-less design
Installation made easy and storage reliability is enhanced as the EonNAS 3000 series stays true to our pledge of making deployment, maintenance, and upgrades as user-friendly as possible. Furthermore, the dual controllers*, twin power supplies, and fans are plug and work. They can be removed and inserted easily, requiring no cables due to their slot-in design. The EonNAS series virtually eliminates downtime, and can be maintained by users without formal IT training for wide accessibility.
EonNAS 3016RT1 Fans EonNAS 3016RT1 Controller EonNAS 3016RT1 Power Supply
*On select models

Global Namespace*

Dynamic and variable management is made accessible with Global Namespace architecture, supported on EonNAS 3000 series* products to create more efficient file sharing access with greater ease of use. Simpler management leads to less complicated scalability and better resource utilization.
*On select models


EonNAS requires very little training with simple installation and management, which keeps the overall IT budgets in check. In addition, EonNAS offers thin-provisioning which allows users to allocate a large amount of virtual capacity for an application server regardless of the physical capacity actually available.

Full-featured Business Applications

File Server
The EonNAS provides seamless file sharing across Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX platforms. It also supports CIFS/SMB, AFP, and NFS protocols.
The IT administrator can host multiple websites on the EonNAS with the built-in web server and virtual host feature.
Backup Server
Mac users are able to use Apple Time
Machine while Windows users can use third-party software such as Acronis Backup & Recovery to backup data.
FTP Server
One is able to establish an FTP server with the EonNAS and share files conveniently with colleagues or partners.

Storage Consolidation and Cross-Platform File Sharing

With comprehensive network protocol support on EonNAS, files can be easily shared among local and remote workstations featuring Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. With the access control for folders and subfolders, you can easily deploy different instructions or status to monitor various workgroups or branch offices. You can also import account information from Windows Active Directory (AD) and LDAP Directory to EonNAS, which makes it easier to configure accounts and authorization settings.

Optimal iSCSI and Virtualization Ready

The built-in iSCSI support on EonNAS enables you to deploy IP SAN and to serve applications, such as mail servers, databases and virtualization. EonNAS provides a seamless storage solution for virtualization servers such as VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V. In addition, the support for advanced MPIO and MC/S allows you to achieve data path failover, to load balancing and to enhance performance.


Explosive data growth in recent years has created a new set of challenges for businesses of all sizes: how to efficiently process all this data with limited budget resources? The new EonNAS reduces your primary storage footprint using inline deduplication and compression.
Data Deduplication
EonNAS offers inline, block-based deduplication. Duplication calculations are performed as each new data block enters deduplication-enabled volumes. When the EonNAS sees an identical block is already present in the volume, the new block will be discarded and only a pointer will be created for reference to the existing block.
Data Compression
EonNAS can take advantage of data compression technology. Supported on both shared folders and iSCSI volumes, data compression on EonNAS is achieved with the LZJB algorithm, offering lossless and low-overhead compression.
Capacity utilization is further enhanced by Thin Provisioning technology. By dynamically allocating capacity to applications on an as-needed basis, EonNAS series eliminates pre-allocated yet unused data volumes and simplifies storage resource management.

Intuitive System Management Tools

System management for EonNAS is easy, within less than 15 minutes you can complete the process from power-on to initial set-up. With step-by step wizards, a user-friendly, wed-based GUI helps you easily access all frequently-used features via shortcuts. The real time system with dashboard feature helps you monitor real-time system status, and if there is any potential purposed events occurred ,the instant notification via SNMP traps, and e-mail alerts will pass to you at the same time. You could also find the comprehensive event log, to track your online behavior.


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